Standard Operating Guidelines

Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) provide support and guidance to the management, staff, and members of TX-TF2. They define what is expected and required of personnel during both emergency response and non-emergency activities. In addition, SOGs provide a mechanism to communicate legal and administrative requirements, organizational policies, and strategic plans to all staff and members.

The Task Force reserves the right to change or suspend any or all parts of these procedures.

Please click the links below to view SOGs.

Ref. 1-01 Code of Conduct
Ref. 1-02 Position Descriptions
Ref. 1-03 Chain of Command
Ref. 1-04 Activation Process
Ref. 1-05 Transfers
Ref. 1-06 Application and Assignment Process
Ref. 1-07 Member Participation
Ref. 1-08 TF Public Relations

Ref. 1-10 Tobacco Use Policy
Ref. 1-11 Task Force Member In-Processing Procedures for Late Arrival and Early Departure
Ref. 1-12 TXTF1 Social Media
Ref. 1-13 Medical Clearance Mitigation
Ref. 1-14 Task Force Travel
Ref. 1-15 Task Force Accountability Policy
Ref. 1-16 Task Force Separation and Reserve Status Policy
Ref. 1-17 Task Force Family Support Policy
Ref. 1-18 Incident Support Team Application Policy
Ref. 1-19 FEMA US&R Advisory Organization Membership Policy
Ref. 1-20 Canine Training Program
Ref. 1-21 Task Force Mentorship Program

Ref. 1-22Canine Standby Status Policy